Nine Juveniles Escape From Observation Home In Ambala

Ambala:  Nine juveniles escaped from the observation home at Ambala city in the early hours today, police said.

Police said some of them were accused of serious offences and most juveniles who fled were in the age group of 12 to 18 years, they said.

The incident came to the notice of the observation home authorities when some other inmates reported the juveniles missing.

After getting the information about the incident, SP (Ambala) Abhishek Jorwal visited the observation home.

Mr Jorwal said the inmates had used a ladder to escape.

After breaking the barrack’s lock, the inmates reached the roof and used a ladder to scale the 20-feet high boundary wall of the observation home, he said.

The inmates crossed two security tiers of the observation home to escape.

Mr Jorwal said police teams were dispatched to conduct raids and the police also questioned some inmates of the observation 

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