VHP Chief Accuses Gujarat Government After Truck Hits His Car In Surat

Surat:  Vishwa Hindu Parishad or VHP chief Pravin Togadia escaped unhurt today when a truck hit his vehicle from the back near Kamrej in Gujarat’s Surat district, police said.

Pravin Togadia later claimed he could have been killed had his vehicle not been bullet-proof, and alleged that his Z-plus security was “weakened deliberately” by the Gujarat government.

“A truck hit the vehicle carrying Togadia and another person, about a kilometre away from Kamrej town, when he was on his way to Surat to attend a function. Togadia escaped unhurt and we have seized the truck and arrested its driver,” Surat rural Superintendent of Police MK Nayak said.

Speaking about the accident, the VHP chief said, “Had the vehicle in which I was travelling not been bullet-proof, not a single person travelling in it could have survived.”

He said that as per the Z-plus security protocol, he was earlier provided a pilot vehicle to move ahead of his car, an escort vehicle and an ambulance behind it, and a vehicle on one side.

“This was the first time that while there was a police vehicle piloting our vehicle, no escort vehicle was provided behind our vehicle, as per directions from Gandhinagar,” he alleged.

“No information regarding this was given deliberately to the police. I would like to ask why this was so? In this situation, a truck hit my vehicle. After the truck hit our vehicle, it hit a divider. Despite that, the truck driver did not apply brakes,” the VHP chief claimed.

“My Z-plus security was weakened deliberately. If in such a situation my vehicle was hit and no brakes were applied, this is a matter of concern,” he alleged.


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