Sikh Police Officer Who Saved Muslim Man From Mob Is Hero On Social Media

Ramnagar, Uttarakhand:  The video of a Sikh police officer saving a Muslim man from a possible lynch-mob in Uttarakhand is being shared widely on social media.

On Tuesday, the officer, Gagandeep Singh, had responded to alerts about trouble in an area near a prominent temple in Ramnagar, where a group was attacking a Muslim man seen with his Hindu girlfriend.

Ramnagar town is not far from the popular Jim Corbett national park.

According to reports, pro-Hindu activists started heckling the couple.

The video shows the Muslim man surrounded by an angry, shouting crowd, as the police officer keeps him close. When the crowd tries to beat the man, Gagandeep Singh is seen using his body to shield him.

The mob is seen getting bolder and trying to hit the man.  The crowd later chanted slogans against the police.

The clip has drawn numerous reactions on Twitter, with many posts calling the officer a hero.



The couple under attack was taken to the police station, where the woman was handed over to her parents.

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