AAP Attacks Arun Jaitley, Says His Blog Reflects BJP’s “Frustrations”

New Delhi: 

The Aam Aadmi Party or AAP on Thursday lashed out at Union Minister Arun Jaitley over his blog on the Supreme Court verdict on governance in Delhi, saying his views reflected the “frustration” of the BJP over the ruling that the elected Delhi government has powers to govern Delhi in all the matters except reserved subjects – land, law and order and police.

Senior AAP leader Ashutosh called Arun Jaitley a “constitutional anarchist” who has “no faith” in the Constitution.

“After reading @arunjaitley blog on SC verdict I am convinced that Mr Jaitley is a constitutional anarchist. Like his leader Golwalkar/Modi and RSS ideology he has no faith in Constitution (sic),” Ashutosh tweeted.

Mr Jaitley said in his post that the “presumption” of the Delhi government that the Supreme Court judgement has given it administrative powers over union territory (UT) cadre officers is “wholly erroneous”.

The Supreme Court verdict on Wednesday, he said, does not either add to the powers of the state government or the central government nor does it in any way dilute them.

Mr Jaitley, after having “messed up” the country’s economy during last four years, is now finding time to comment on the Supreme Court verdict that “embarrassed” the BJP central government for its “illegal and unconstitutional interference” in the functioning of the elected government of Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party said in a statement.

“Varying responses and contradictory voices from the BJP reflect its frustration on the Supreme Court judgment, which has ruled that elected Delhi government has the power to govern Delhi on all matters except land, police and public order,” it said.

The Aam Aadmi Party also claimed that Mr Jaitely despite being a senior Supreme Court lawyer has “chosen” to comment on issues which were not there before the Supreme Court for adjudication while maintaining “silence” on how it “clipped wings of  BJP-appointed Lt Governor of Delhi”.


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