Attempt To Kidnap 2-Year-Old Foiled By Locals In Assam

Lanka, Assam: 

An alleged attempt to kidnap a two-year-old girl child from her house in Assam’s Nagaon district has been foiled by the intervention of the locals, police said.

The child’s mother said that an unidentified person had entered her house, through a door left ajar, at Bhalukmari in Lanka area at 8 pm on Tuesday and asked her to hand over the child to him.

When she refused to do so, the man hit her, snatched away the child and started running, the mother told reporters today in the presence of policemen.

She chased the man and on hearing her screams, neighbours rushed to the scene, she said.

On seeing the locals, the man left the child on the road and fled from the spot, she said.

The police reached the spot and launched an operation to trace the suspected kidnapper.

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