Bhopal Model Held Hostage By Stalker Says Agreed To Marriage Under Threat


A woman who had been taken hostage by her stalker at gunpoint has said she had agreed to marrying the man only because he threatened to kill her. The hostage-taker – a casting director – and the hostage – a model – had told the police they want to marry, ending the tense 12-hour drama yesterday with a rare twist.

“Rohit alias Regal Singh threatened my life… He came to my house around 6 am and pushed me inside my room at gun point… He attacked and injured me… I had no option but to agree to marry him… But I do not want to marry him…,” the woman said in her statement in front of a magistrate last night.

Rohit had entered the house of the 30-year-old model on the fifth floor of an apartment building in Bhopal’s Misrod area and bolted the door from inside yesterday.

He demanded that the woman marry him. Rohit claimed the two knew each other from Mumbai where they earlier worked, and were in love. The only hiccup: the families were against their marriage. And that prompted Rohit to take this drastic measure, police said.


Rohit waved a victory sign from the window of the building in Bhopal yesterday.

On hearing the commotion in the morning, the neighbours called the police, who tried to first force their way in, but were unsuccessful. A police officer said he was attacked with a scissor by Rohit, when he tried to barge in. Rohit also had a country-made gun and claimed he would kill himself if his demand was not met.

From there, the police changed tact. They began talking to Rohit through video chat and even used a hydraulic lift of the fire brigade to approach the window of the fifth floor to try and talk to him. Amidst hectic negotiations, Rohit demanded food, water, a mobile charger and a stamp paper.

He could be seen flashing a victory sign from the heavily grilled window, and had even convinced the model to write down on the stamp paper that she would in fact marry him, police said.

It took two policemen and a sub-divisional magistrate hours to convince Rohit and let the police inside the apartment. Both Rohit and the woman were then taken for medical treatment and had their statements recorded.

The police have registered a case against Rohit.

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