Donald Trump Trolled For His Tweet On His Writing Skills. It Had Errors

New Delhi: 

Donald Trump has goofed up once again. The US President who gave us the infamous covfefe went on another round of self-praising and boasting about his writing skills in a tweet. But it all backlashed when he made a spelling error in the tweet. Instead of “pore over” he wrote “pour over” and later corrected the tweet making author JK Rowling burst out in fits of laughter.

The other error was the word bestselling, which is either one word or hyphenated however Mr Trump made it two words which made his self-praising not only questionable but also laughable.

The original tweet was edited and the “pour over” spelling changed after around 2 hours but not before everyone had a good laugh at the President’s narcissism.

Ms Rowling found the original tweet hilarious, repeatedly typing “haha” in three successive replies. In one, the Harry Potter books’ author sarcastically called him the “Gratest Writer on earth.” She also gave him the correct spelling of the word.

After Mr Trump corrected his tweet, JK Rowling tweeted again saying someone told him the correct meaning of the word.

Many other Twitter users also trolled Mr Trump including the Merriam-Webster dictionary who posted the correct meaning of the word.

Donald Trump’s spelling mistakes in tweets have been quite regular, often leading to widespread confusion and trolling of the President.

Last year, Mr Trump had tweeted “despite the constant negative press covfefe” leading to widespread trolling and laughter at the US President’s expense.

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