Heinous Crimes On Rise Due To Increasing Population Of Muslims: BJP MP


A senior BJP lawmaker from Uttar Pradesh believes that heinous crimes such as rapes and murders are on the rise because of the rapid increase in Muslim population in India.

Hari Om Pandey, Ambedkar Nagar lawmaker, also said that soon a new nation like Pakistan will be carved out of India if the government fails to curb the rising Muslim population in the coming days.

“Terrorism, rapes, cases of sexual harassment are prevailing in India only because of the rising Muslim population. If one looks closely, there is a rapid increase in the percentage of Muslims since the time of independence,” said Mr Pandey.

He also added that the increased population will result in unemployment and stagnant economic growth which in turn will bring anarchy in India.

Mr Pandey also thinks that a bill pertaining to the matter should soon be introduced in the parliament and necessary measures should be taken at the earliest to curb population growth.

“I believe that a bill on population control must be introduced in the parliament in order to save India from another dreadful partition,” he said.


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