Kerala Governor Pays Fine After His Official Car Violates Speed Limit


Kerala Governor P Sathasivam has asked his office to remit the requisite fine for violation of speed limit by his official vehicle two months ago, setting an example and exercising a sobering effect on the ‘high- profile’ violaters of the traffic rule.

Former Chief Justice of India Sathasivam ordered remission of the fine despite the fact that he himself was not travelling in the erring vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, said a Raj Bhawan official.

According to Raj Bhavan sources, the erring vehicle was found exceeding the prescribed speed limit on the Vellayambalam-Kowdiar stretch of a busy thoroughfare here on April 7.

As the violation was caught on the speed control-detection camera installed on the stretch, the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) had sent the challan to the Raj Bhavan recently.

Without any hesitation, the Governor asked his staff to abide by the rules and remit the fine amount of Rs 400 to the MVD.

“The Governor was not in the car when the violation took place. The incident occurred when the car was taken out for refuelling. The fine was paid by the secretary to the Governor,” a Raj Bhavan official told PTI.

Describing the Kerala Governor’s gesture as a “very positive” move, state Transport Commissioner K Padmakumar said it would persuade more people to abide by the rules.

“It is not for the first time that the official vehicles of high profile officials were caught on camera on Vellayambalam-Kowdiar stretch of the road violating speed limit,” he told PTI.

“Vehicles of judges, police officers and high-ranking officials were also found exceeding the speed limit. We have served challan to them also. They too have remitted the fine,” he said.

The Vellayambalam-Kowdiar stretch, where the Governor’s official residence Raj Bhavan is located, is one of the busiest roads in the state capital.

The MVD had installed high resolution cameras in March last in the wake of increasing cases of rash driving and accidents in the area.

“At least two to three thousands cases of speed limit violations are registered on the stretch every day. The department receives a monthly revenue of Rs 1.5 crore to Rs 1.9 crore,” he said.

Padmakumar said the MVD is planning to install speed detection cameras in more places across the state considering the increase in accident rates.

“The number of accidents in places where the speed detection camera system has been installed has come down. In the capital, we are planning to install it on the Karamana stretch too soon,” the official added.

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