Kolkata 8-Year-Old Drowned At Home By “Jealous” Sister-In-Law


A 19-year-old woman has allegedly killed her eight-year-old brother-in-law by drowning her in a water container at their home in Kolkata out of jealousy, police said. She believed that her father-in-law loved him more than her 22-year-old husband.

Priyanka Das confessed to her husband Subrata four days after Riju Das was found dead in a water container inside the bathroom of their Metiabruz home.

On June 29, when Riju’s body was found, the police and his family had thought that the boy might have tried to climb the adjoining toilet, leaned on to the drum, slipped and fell into it.

However, Ms Das told her husband on Monday that Riju was bathing when she closed the container, with Riju inside, with its lid and held it tight till the boy stopped struggling.

Subrata and Riju’s father Dukhram Das has now filed a complaint of murder against Ms Das.

The police are verifying the exact sequence of the event.


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