On Camera, Student Pushed To Death During Disaster Drill In Tamil Nadu

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu: 

A 19-year-old student died during a disaster preparedness drill at a college in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu on Thursday. Lokeswari was a second year student pursuing a BBA course at Kalai Magal Arts and Science College.

At about 4 pm yesterday, students of the college were being shown how to escape if disaster strikes. A video of the training session showed Lokeswari perched on the ledge off the second floor balcony, where the trainer Arumugan, standing next to her was telling her to jump down.

Eyewitnesses allege Lokeswari was reluctant and did not want to jump. The trainer then pushed her and she tumbled down hitting her head on the ledge of the floor below.

There were people waiting to catch Lokeswari but sadly she crashed to the ground after hitting the ledge. She was immediately taken to a private hospital nearby, which reportedly refused to treat her and referred her to a government hospital where she died.

The police have sent the body for postmortem and the family has been informed.

Arumugan has been taken into custody by the police and a case for causing death due to negligence has been filed against him.


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