Seven-Year-Old Finds Rs 50,000 And Hands It Over, Rewarded For Honesty


A seven-year old boy who found a bundle of Rs 500 notes totaling Rs 50,000, while playing in front of his school, has come in for praise from the local police after he handed it over to them.

Mohammaed Yasin, studying in the second standard at the Chinnasemur Panchayat Union School, near Erode, found the money during the school interval around 11 am on Wednesday and gave it to his teacher.

She took the boy with the bundle to the headmaster, who took Yasin with the cash and handed it over to the superintendent of police Sakthi Ganesh.

The official was all praise for the boy and arranged to buy garments for him as reward for his deed, police said.

Mr Ganesh said the boy would also be given a certificate for his honesty on July 19 during the district police officers meeting.

Later, the police said the person who lost the money could approach them and claim the cash after submitting proof.

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