Swraj Paul To Donate Substantially To London Zoo, Again


Leading NRI industrialist Lord Swraj Paul has come to the rescue of London Zoo once again and will provide a substantial financial donation for the world-famous zoo’s latest transformation project.

Earlier, Lord Paul had stepped in to save the London Zoo from bankruptcy back in 1993 with a 1-million pound donation to fund a new children’s zoo section in memory of his late daughter Ambika’s love for the place.

He has since been a consistent supporter of the popular tourist spot in London, where later his son Angad got married to his wife Michelle in 2005.

The Zoo has long been planning to restore and enhance one of its great treasures – the landmark aviary designed by Lord Snowdon. The aviary is at risk and in urgent need of attention, Mr Paul said during his speech at an annual Paul family celebration held at the London Zoo yesterday.

The Caparo Group chief will be providing a substantial financial donation, the exact figure to be revealed at a later stage, for the zoo’s latest transformation project.

ZSL’s director-general, Dominic Jermey, welcomed Mr Paul’s “lifetime of engagement” with the London Zoo, where Lord Paul would bring his daughter Ambika as a refuge from her cancer treatment.

Mr Paul also revealed some detail of a new American luxury Angad Arts Hotel set to open in St Louis, Missouri, later this year, which would be the world’s first hotel where a room can be booked by the colour of its decor to suit the mood of the clients.


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