2 Arrested In Patna Shelter Inmate Deaths; Doctor And Nurse Missing


Two employees of a shelter for women with mental disabilities in Patna were arrested last evening after the death of two inmates – a 16-year-old girl and a 40-year-old woman – on Friday. Police say the officials of the state-run facility did not inform them about the deaths and that they went ahead had got the post-mortem done.

While the body of one of them has already been cremated, a second post-mortem was done on the other inmate.

A 40-year-old woman and a girl, 16, were taken to the hospital on Friday, but the doctors declared them dead on arrival, police said. Over 70 inmates stay at this shelter which opened on May 1.

Police believe that there the two staff members arrested yesterday were negligent in giving medical care to the two inmates and taking them to hospital on time. Police are looking for a Patna Medical College doctor and a nurse, who are also named in the complaint. The doctor and the nurse are the ones who attended to the two inmates when they were taken to the hospital.


The inmates died of diarrhoea, the shelter officials told the police. 

After the police got to know about the incident on Sunday, a board was formed to look into the medical histories of the inmates.

More workers of the shelter in Patna – employed by the NGO – are being questioned by the police.


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