Campaign Must Stop, Says PM Modi On Opposition Attack Over Jobs

New Delhi: 

Rejecting opposition’s charge of lack of jobs in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said how can there be no growth in employment when India is the fastest growing among all major economies.

In an interview to news agency ANI, PM Modi said, “When economy is growing at a faster pace, in fact fastest among the major economies, how will the jobs market not expand?”

The Prime Minister, citing his speech in the Lok Sabha during the No Confidence Motion, said, “When investment into and the pace of execution of infrastructure projects like making roads, laying down rail lines, setting up power generation including solar parks and transmission lines is at all-time high, how come the jobs will not be created.”

He further questioned, “If there is significant growth in sales of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, does it not mean that jobs are being created?”

Creation of jobs was one of the major poll planks of the BJP ahead of the 2014 general elections. However, the opposition alleges that the party has done little after coming to power.

PM Modi said, “When FDI inflows are at an all-time high, will it not translate into manufacturing and job creation?” 


He added, “From just two mobile manufacturing units in 2014 we have grown to 120. When such development in electronic manufacturing is taking place, will it not create jobs?”

 “Today India has emerged as one of the top hubs of start-ups. Are they not creating jobs? App based aggregators are flourishing in India across food, logistics, e-commerce, mobility solutions and many more such sectors. Are they not creating jobs?,” said PM Modi.

The Prime Minister also cited the growing tourist footfall and said, “We all know the potential tourism has in creating jobs. Foreign tourist arrivals in India grew by 14% last year. Domestic tourism has also grown. Will this not result in job creation?”

PM Modi further added that “employment generation is also evident from 45 lakh new subscribers in the Employees Provident Fund and 5.68 lakh people joining the New Pension Scheme in the last nine months. All this has led to creation of more than one crore jobs only in the last year. Thus, the campaign that jobs have not been created must come to a halt now. People are not going to buy it anymore.”

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