Delhi Businessman Robbed Of Rs. 70 Lakh At Gunpoint On Busy Flyover

New Delhi: 

A businessman in Delhi was robbed at gunpoint on a busy flyover in the city on Thursday. The video of the robbery was shot on mobile phone by a passer-by.

Forty-year-old Kashish Bansal was driving to Gurgaon from his home when three men on a motorcycle stopped him on a flyover in west Delhi’s Naraina.

The three men allegedly took Rs. 70 lakh from the boot of his car, police said.

A short clip released by news agency ANI citing unverified sources shows dramatic scenes just outside the white SUV, stopped right in the middle of the flyover. Two men can be seen at first. One man can be seen holding a gun and standing outside the car. The businessman, in white shirt, is sitting in the passenger’s seat. The young man can be seen trying to stop Mr Bansal from leaving the car he holds his gun in his left hand and the businessman by his collar.

Helpless passers-by can be seen stopping their vehicles to see the drama unfolding in broad day light.


The businessman somehow manages to step out of the car and races to the other side of the road. The unsteady video shows at least two other men. One of them points his gun at the businessman as he approaches them.

Police suspect that someone known to the businessman had planned the robbery since the robbers were well-aware of where the cash was kept.

(With inputs from PTI and ANI)

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