Man Tries To Enter Cockpit Of Air India Milan-Delhi Flight, Arrested

New Delhi: 

An Air India plane flying from Milan to New Delhi had to turn back to the Italian city after a passenger forcibly tried to enter the cockpit, news agency ANI reported. The plane with 250 people on board had been flying for over an hour after taking off from Milan when the incident happened.

The man was arrested soon after the plane landed back in Milan.

“…one unruly passenger Gurpreet Singh tried to enter the cockpit after take-off from Milan on schedule. The aircraft landed back and pax was handed over to local police,” Air India said in the statement.


Air India in a statement said the captain of the flight AI 138 decided to dump fuel and return to Milan. An aircraft that has just been refuelled before take-off is too heavy to safely land, so it is a standard procedure to dump fuel in order to reduce the landing weight.

The flight was delayed by two-and-a-half hours, Air India said.

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