“PM’s Words May Have Been Expunged But…”: Congress Slams Attack On Leader

New Delhi: 

A day after a portion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in parliament with reference to a Congress parliamentarian was deleted from the records, the party served him strong rejoinders, served from multiple fronts. While BK Hariprasad, the opposition candidate in the closely-fought Rajya Sabha election who was on the receiving end of the PM’s swipe after he lost, leveraged a similar wordplay tactic, others urged the 67-year-old leader to choose his words more wisely on Saturday.

“PM refers to Prime Minister of this great nation. PM also refers to a Panchayat Member, from where political activists begin their Political Career. Even a Panchayat Member would be ashamed of the language PM Modi used against me personally!” Mr Hariprasad posted on Twitter.

Retweeting Mr Hariprasad, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister and Congress leader G Parameshwara, said the PM’s words were “not just an insult to him but to the people of Karnataka” who Mr Hariprasad represented.

Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday had expunged the remarks made by PM Modi a day ago, in an extremely rare and embarrassing incident for the government.

The remarks were made by PM Modi while felicitating newly-elected Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh in the House on Thursday.


Mr Naidu expunged the remarks after some members raised objections and demanded that they be expunged or deleted.

Comments officially expunged from the records cannot be reproduced or reported anywhere.

The deleted portion, comprising three words in Hindi, referred to the name Mr Hariprasad, the opposition’s candidate and were seen as derogatory and infuriated the Congress.


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