Tamil Nadu Man Arrested For DIY Delivery Of Grandson, Refusing Help

Theni, Tamil Nadu: 

A man was arrested in Teni district of Tamil Nadu after he and his family allegedly prevented a medical team from letting them deliver a baby as his daughter-in-law delivered it at home, police said today. 

Dhanushkodi, his wife Alagammal and son Kannan, 27 along with other family members had refused to allow a medical team and police personnel, who were waiting outside the house at Kottangipatti, to extend any assistance and also threatened them during an argument, they said. Both the mother and the baby were reported to be fine after delivery.

After learning that the family had opted for a domiciliary delivery, the medical team and police personnel went to the place on Thursday night and pleaded Dhanushkodi and others to let them do their duty, they said.

Despite arguing with the family for a few hours, the medical team was not allowed entry. The family was also warned about the dangers of performing delivery at home.

Police said Dhanushkodi and other members of the family insisted that only practitioners of Siddha medicine would be allowed to give treatment.

Later, a Siddha doctor removed the umbilical cord, police said.

“My wife agreed to deliver the baby at home. With her consent only the baby was delivered. In fact most of the members in our family were born at home,” Kannan said after Mahalakshmi delivered a boy.


“Nobody died at home while delivering children. Mistakes can even occur in hospital… My wife, after the delivery, is working in the house without any tiredness,” he added.

While Dhanushkodi was arrested, a case has been registered against his wife and Kannan for putting Mahalakshmi’s life at risk.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam told reporters at Theni that government would take steps to prevent such incidents in future.

Earlier last month, a couple’s planned delivery at home with the aid of social media videos went horribly wrong, leaving a 28-year-old woman dead after giving birth to a girl in Tirupur district.

The woman died due to excessive bleeding after delivery during which she was assisted by her husband and two of their friends. 


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