Telangana BJP Lawmaker Quits To “Act” Against Cow Slaughter On Eid


A controversial BJP legislator from Hyderabad T Raja Singh has resigned from the party so that he can “act” against cow slaughter during Eid al-Adha without embarrassing the party.

In his resignation letter, the lawmaker said as part of the Hindu Vahini, his first priority was to protect the Hindu religion.

He claimed that about 3,000 cows are going to be slaughtered for Bakr Id or Eid ul-Adha next week.


He said he will “act” to save the cows but does not want to embarrass party or provide any explanation so he was resigning.

Mr Singh, a lawmaker infamous for his provocative speeches, represents the Goshamahal constituency in Hyderabad. He has announced resignations at least twice in the past – the last time in 2017 when he later withdrew it.

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