Congress Leader Offers To Sell House To Buy “Safe Plane” For Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: 

A Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh has put out newspaper ads to sell his house and shops, saying he wants to buy a “safe plane” for his party president Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi’s chartered plane came seconds close to crashing in Karnataka in April. According to the DGCA or Directorate General of Civil Aviation, a “delayed action by the flight crew” led to the aircraft taking a sudden plunge, listing dangerously to one side and rattling for a few moments.

Congress leader Ashok Jaiswal said the incident scared him and he decided to raise money somehow to buy a safe plane for Mr Gandhi, the very latest, so he can use it for his 2019 national election campaign.

“After I decided to sell my house and shops, my friends have also volunteered to sell theirs. The collected fund will be sent to 24 Akbar Road,” Mr Jaiswal said.

“Since 2019 Lok Sabha elections are coming, Mr Gandhi will be travelling extensively. We want to keep an honest leader like him safe,” said the Congress leader, who has been in the party for 40 years.


Newspaper ad to sell house by Congress leader Ashok Jaiswal.

Mr Jaiswal charged at the BJP, saying its “policy to wipe out Opposition” betrays its dictatorial stance. “PM Modi wants a “Congress-mukt Bharat”, but I feel a strong Opposition is important for a healthy democracy. Gandhi family is an honest family and has made great sacrifices for the nation,” Mr Jaiswal said, adding that Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi lived and died for the country.  

“Sonia Gandhi has denied prime ministership multiple times. It’s an honest family that sacrifices,” he said.

Mr Jaiswal appealed to his party colleagues across the country to pitch in for a plane for Mr Gandhi.

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