Facebook’s New Building Will Save 64 Thousand Litres Of Water Every Year

San Francisco: 

Social media giant Facebook has added a new building at its California headquarters. Designed by architect Frank Gehry, the new building is supposedly made to be highly sustainable and environment friendly, and comes with a recycling water system.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, took to Instagram to share photos of MPK 21, the new building at their headquarters in Menlo Park in California. “It was made to be highly sustainable and reduce water, energy, and waste. For example, our recycling water system will save approximately 17 million gallons of water every year,” Ms Sandberg wrote.

“So grateful to the legendary architect Frank Gehry for designing our new building at Facebook headquarters – MPK 21,” the Facebook COO wrote, sharing a photo with Mr Gehry at the new building.


Sheryl Sandberg with architect Frank Gehry, who designed the new Facebook building at Menlo Park

The building comes as a swankier addition to what was already a very modern headquarters.

The building is a giant level of single-floor, open-plan office space with at-grade parking and entry lobbies below. The 523,000 square feet office space, which is adjacent to the existing Facebook building MPK 20, will have break-away spaces, service amenities and a 2,000-seat event space on a heavily landscaped 22.7 acre portion of the overall parcel.


The new Facebook building comes as a swankier addition to what was already a very modern headquarters

Photos from inside the building shows colourful walls and an in-door cycle stand for bikes provided by Facebook to get around the campus. MPK 21 has glass panels outside and a large open space adorned with different plants.


The new Facebook is supposedly made to be highly sustainable

Menlo Park is located on the San Francisco bay area in California, close to Palo Alto, which is considered one of the biggest tech hubs of the US.


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