Woman Carried On Pole Delivers Baby Midway, Young Man Narrates Agony


A pregnant woman in Andhra Pradesh who was being carried for several kilometres by her family members and villagers after she went into labour gave birth to her baby midway.

Visuals show Muthamma being taken in a makeshift carriage made of bamboo poles, ropes and a piece of cloth in Vizianagaram district. A group of men and a woman can be seen walking precariously in a forested area on a muddy road, full of stones, carrying Muthamma.

When the woman is unable to bear her pain, the villagers have to stop their journey midway and help the woman deliver the baby. 

The video was shot by a young man who said that they have written to several authorities about the lack of connectivity but no one has helped them. “This is how we are forced to carry seriously ill or pregnant woman. No official or politician has bothered to help despite multiple pleas and appeals,” the man says in the video. 

Behind him, Muthamma  is seen sitting on the ground as three other women help her deliver the baby in the middle of nowhere. Another chilling clip shows two women cutting the umbilical cord of the newborn baby with a blade.

This is not an uncommon incident in the tribal region in Vizianagaram, which is marked by rough terrain and hardly any roads. In July,  five-month pregnant woman was carried by her husband and other villagers downhill for 12 km through a forest so she could make it to an ambulance on Monday. 25-year-old Jindamma, who was suffering labour pains, gave birth on the way. Her baby boy died before she could get to the ambulance.


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