“Big Shots Get Away While…”: Nitish Kumar’s Compliment With An Edge


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday praised the functioning of Self-Help Groups (SHG) in Bihar, saying they were honestly repaying loans unlike big shots, who flee the country after defaulting on dues.

Over 8 lakh self-help groups have been formed in Bihar for helping poor women in villages with businesses. “Big shots take billions of loan from bank and flee the country. But these women who are running SHGs make timely repayment of loan. This is not a small thing. This shows the level of awareness among SHGs’ women,” he said.

Mr Kumar said empowerment of women equaled empowerment of the society, the country and the world. “I have been saying that development will not have much impact and effective unless the society gets rid of all social evils. We initiated the social reform process after coming to power in November 2005.

“I do my work and don’t believe in publicity, unlike other state governments,” Mr Kumar added.


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