In Rajasthan, Fight Over Party Tickets Could Be A Problem For Congress


In Rajasthan, where assembly elections are scheduled for December 7, Congress has managed to put up a united face by bringing former chief minister Ashok Gehlot and state Congress chief Sachin Pilot together. But it is still trying to deal with the squabble over tickets. 

At a rally in Jaipur in August, Congress president Rahul Gandhi had said no outsider would get a ticket to the assembly election. “I can guarantee you this time that not a single parachute candidate will be able to get the ticket. If any such candidate comes, I will cut the rope,” Mr Gandhi told party workers.

The party’s state election committee has put the ball in Rahul Gandhi’s court for a final decision on distribution of tickets.

Congress leaders claimed a decision on candidates at the local level could backfire at a time when the party has managed to create some political buzz in the state, which usually votes the BJP and the Congress alternately to power.

Mr Gehlot, in his ‘Sankalp Rally’ speeches, had urged Congress workers and leaders to support the candidates who are picked. He said only one person could get a Congress ticket from a seat and all party men should help that candidate win.

Kumari Selja, who was appointed chairperson of the party’s screening committee for the election in Rajasthan in June, has said only “winnable” candidates will get the tickets.

She said a final decision has to be taken at the level of the Congress president but the feedback collected from state will be considered.

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