Langur On Steering Wheel Of Moving Bus Leaves Commuters Stunned. Watch

New Delhi: 

An unusual sight stunned the commuters of a Karnataka state bus after the driver allowed a langur (baboon) to sit on the steering wheel of the bus as he drove on. The video, shot by a passenger on the moving bus, shows the driver patting the langur’s back several times as he lays perched on the steering wheel. Briefly, the driver even allows the langur to take control of the wheel, while he changes gears.

Following the wide circulation of the video, the driver has been suspended for putting the lives of the passengers at risk.

The incident took place on October 1 during a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus trip from Davanagere to Bharamasagara.

Watch the viral video here:

Social media users are divided over the suspension of the driver. While some say that “the animal loving” driver should have been let off with a warning, others back his removal from the job, calling him “crazy”.

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