Last Day For Women To Attempt Sabaraimala Trek, As Temple Closes Tonight

New Delhi: 

Today will be the last chance for women bellow 50 years of age to make history by walking it though the doors of the Sabarimala temple since the temple opened on Wednesday for the the first time after the top court’s ruling. The Ayyappa shrine, which was scheduled to be open for 5 days, will shut tonight at 10 pm. So far, 9 women in the ‘banned’ age group have attempted the trek to the hilltop temple and have met with angry protesters forcing them to return. In the latest case, a woman yesterday suffered from a panic attack and had to be taken to a hospital near Sabarimala after masses of protesters surrounded and heckled her. 

Kerala police had said that they will provide protection to the women devotees to reach the temple, but cannot help beyond that. “Darshan is something which can be done with consent of the priest,” said Kerala Inspector General S Sreejith. On Friday, his team formed a protective ring around two women who wished to enter the temple, but they did not succeed.

Here are the live updates of Sabarimala temple:

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