Man, Walking Aimlessly In Greater Noida, Doesn’t Remember Who He Is

Noida, Uttar Pradesh: 

A man believed to be a Nigerian national was found wandering in a village in Greater Noida yesterday, unable to recall his name or other details, police said.

The man, who appeared around 35 years of age, was found in Jaganpur village of Gautam Buddh Nagar at night. The villagers grew suspicious about his movement and alerted the police, an official from the Dankaur Police Station told PTI.

“When asked about his name and other details, he was clueless. He told the police he lives in Sigma 1 (a locality in Greatern Noida). When policemen took him there, he said he lives in Sigma 4. When the team reached there, he again had vague responses,” the official said.

He said the man appears to have some mental health issue and the police were assisting him.

Further probe was underway and the police were trying to find any acquaintances of the man, the official said.

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