Suspected Sniper Attacks In Kashmir Lead To Concerns Over VIP Security

New Delhi: 

The security forces and their intelligence units in Jammu and Kashmir suspect that a few highly skilled terrorist snipers could be active in the Valley, after an Army soldier and two paramilitary personnel were killed in long-range stealth attacks this week.

Terrorist snipers who can hide at a single spot undetected for a long time and withdraw after making a kill could also pose a high threat to VIPs in the valley, sources said.

On Saturday, an assistant sub-inspector of the CISF was killed by what the security forces say a “sniper-type” attack on the outskirts of Srinagar. A paramilitary soldier was killed in another suspected sniper attack on October 22, and an Army soldier was killed three days later in a long-range gun attack.

Sources said the terrorists could be using advanced night-vision goggles or NVGs to hide in the dark and snipe at security forces from a distance. This type of sniper attack allows them to run away the moment security forces start looking for them.

The Inspector General of Police has also written to the police headquarters to draw their attention to the threat from snipers. Though all VIP vehicles are armoured and well protected, countering the threat of snipers is a challenge, sources said.

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