Vadodara Man Failed To Pay Alimony. Then Marched To Surrender To Police


A man in Vadodara walked at the head of a procession with his family and friends to get himself arrested after citing inability to pay alimony of Rs 95,500 to his former wife, Vadodara police said Tuesday.

Hemant Rajput, 36, had earlier been ordered by a family court to pay Rs 3,500 per month as maintenance to his former wife under the divorce agreement formalised between them, police said.

The unpaid amount had accrued to Rs 95,500 over a period of time, an official added.

“On Monday, Rajput came with a procession with his parents to the police station to get himself arrested. He said that he was unable to pay Rs 95,500 as maintenance to his former wife,” said FK Jogal, inspector, Bapod police station.

Mr Rajput’s former wife had approached a family court recently over non-payment of maintenance and it had ordered him to pay Rs 95,500 or serve a nine month jail term.

The couple had divorced after 15 years of marriage.

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