2 Men On Speeding Bike Killed In Accident On Delhi’s Signature Bridge

New Delhi: 

Two young men on a bike were killed at the brand new Signature Bridge in Delhi after ramming a divider at a high speed and falling 30 feet, the police said on Friday.

The two, not identified so far, fell off the bridge around 8.45 am. The police suspect they were trying to take a selfie while speeding on the KTM Duke bike.

One biker’s foot was allegedly caught in a stray wire from a streetlight. The bike, moving at a high speed, was flung up in the air. The bike was left dangling from a railing and the riders fell.

This is the first accident at the bridge, which opened to the public on November 4 after eight years of construction.

Over the past few weeks, the bridge described as an engineering marvel has emerged as a site for daring selfies and traffic violations. Thrill-seekers are often spotted climbing the suspension cables to take selfies.

Recently, a case of obscenity was filed after a video of transgenders stripping and dancing on the Signature Bridge was circulated online.

There have been dozens of cases of improper parking and one-way violations, according to reports.

The 2,214-foot asymmetrical bridge is built across the river Yamuna. It has a 505-foot-high viewing gallery.

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