“A Marriage Without Groom”: Rajnath Singh Mocks Congress In Rajasthan


Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday launched a blistering attack on the Congress party and said that the Congress has not declared a chief minister candidate for the state, because they know that their party will lose if they do so.

Addressing a public rally in Dholpur on Monday, Mr Singh said, “Congress is now in the election battle but it must be asked as to whom they would make the chief minister if they form the government. They know the reality that in Rajasthan they cannot form the government. But it must be asked who their leader is.”

He said that Congress cannot name their leader because they know that the day they tell a name, their party in the state will be broken into pieces. Hence they cannot muster the courage to announce their leader or the chief minister.

He further took a dig at the Congress and compared its condition in the state with that of a marriage procession without the groom.

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