Cops Rescue 6 Africans Targeted Over Child Kidnapping Rumour In Delhi

New Delhi: 

Six Africans were targeted in Delhi last night amid rumours that they were involved in child kidnapping and cannibalism.

The police say four Tanzanian and two Nigerian nationals were rescued from Kakrola in Dwarka. The police had received multiple calls against them. One accused them of kidnapping a child.

The police reportedly found around 200 people gathered outside the building where some of the Africans live.

Delhi Police has said it was “not a racial attack”. “After we received a call, we reached the site of the incident, dispersed the crowd and rescued two Tanzanian women,” Delhi Police was quoted as saying by news agency ANI. “Crowd had gathered following the kidnapping rumours. We had also received a call about kidnapping. It was a hoax call. We rescued the Tanzanian and Nigerian nationals.”

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