Lucknow Most Polluted On Diwali, Recorded 300% Rise In Air Pollution

New Delhi: 

The air quality in Lucknow was the worst among Indians cities on Diwali, a report said. Indiranagar and Vikasnagar were among the most polluted areas in the city with PM 10 concentration over 1,000 per cubic metre of air, it added.

According to the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Indira Nagar recorded PM 10 concentration of 1,285 per cubic meters of air, the highest in the city. Indiranagar was closely followed by Vikasnagar, Aliganj and Aminabad with PM 10 levels of 1123, 1057.1 and 1061.1, respectively.

The PM10 between 0-100 is considered “good”, 101-250 “moderate “, 251-350 “poor”, 351-430 “very poor” and 431-550 “severe”

Vikasnagar recorded PM 2.5 concentration of 879.8 per cubic metre of air, making it the most polluted area in the city. 

On the Diwali night, PM 2.5 levels in the city increased by 299.5 per cent whereas the increase in PM 10 on the same night was 277, the report said.

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