On Ayodhya Case, PM Says Congress Plays Politics, Sought Strategic Delay

New Delhi: 

The Ram temple issue – over which a tumult is on in Ayodhya today — found resonance in Rajasthan as Prime Minister Narendra Modi took it up to attack the Congress. Right-wing Vishwa Hindu Parishad and BJP ally Shiv Sena are holding parallel programmes in Ayodhya today, demanding that the government fast-track the construction of temple bypassing the legal aspect.

In Alwar, the Prime Minister accused the Congress of politicizing the issue. “The Congress creates an atmosphere of fear for the judiciary. They tell the Supreme Court to delay the Ayodhya hearing due to 2019 elections,” he said.:

“They do everything possible to impeach the Chief Justice. How can such things be accepted,” he added in what was seen as a reference to the opposition bid to start impeachment proceedings against former Chief Justice Dipak Misra earlier this year.

The Ayodhya title suit is pending in the Supreme Court, and in January, the court is expected to decide when it wants to hear the case.


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