Punjab Police Detains 3 At Pathankot Railway Station On “Suspicion”


Three people from Jammu and Kashmir, who were travelling in an express train headed towards Delhi, were deboarded and detained at the Pathankot railway station on the basis of suspicion, senior police officer said.

All the three men have been detained and were being questioned about their antecedents, Punjab Police’s Border Range IG, S S Parmar told PTI.

Pathankot and its adjoining areas continue to be under a strict vigil, especially after the 2016 terror attack.

Security agencies in Pathankot and adjoining districts have also been on alert after four people, travelling in a hired SUV from Jammu, had snatched the vehicle from its driver at gunpoint near Madhopur area on November 13.

When asked whether three or six men have been detained, Mr Parmar said, “Three men from Jammu and Kashmir have been detained at Pathankot for verification of their antecedents.”

They were travelling from from Jammu in Pooja Express, he said, adding they are being quizzed.


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