818-Year-Old Kadavumbagam Synagogue Reopens In Kerala After 4 Decades


An 818-year-old Kadavumbagam synagogue in Kerala, which was closed for worship since 1972, reopened on Thursday.

The synagogue, located on Market Road in Ernakulam, was reopened on its anniversary.

On the occasion, the Sefer Torah, which is a handwritten copy of the Torah (holy scripture), was brought from Israel and kept in the renovated synagogue.

In Judaism, Torah is the law of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Speaking to ANI, Youl Elias, who came from Israel especially for the occasion, said the re-opening of the synagogue would help impart knowledge to younger generations of Jews.


The synagogue was was closed for worship since 1972.

“My parents shifted to Israel in 1954. Jews of Israel are staying in various parts of the world. This is a big celebration, we are very happy,” Mr Elias said.

“My parents used to pray here. This place can help the young people of the community to know their culture and heritage. This occasion is very special for us,” he added.

Youne Mote, whose family migrated to Israel around 55 years ago, also echoed similar sentiments.

A number of people from the Jewish community gathered to welcome the Sefer Torah to the revamped synagogue. 

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