BJP Says National Conference “Harbinger” Of Communal, Divisive Politics


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) hit out at National Conference (NC) chief Farooq Abdullah, claiming he had no moral authority to accuse it of “divisive politics” as his party was the harbinger of communal and divisive politics in Jammu and Kashmir.

State BJP spokesperson Anil Gupta said people did not take Mr Abdullah seriously anymore, but he continued to issue statements hoping that the sinking boat of his dynastic party might find some sympathisers willing to take it ashore.

“The NC has no moral authority to accuse the BJP of divisive politics since the NC, under his father Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, was the harbinger of communal and divisive politics in Jammu and Kashmir which was being pursued by his heirs assiduously,” he said.

Mr Abdullah on Thursday charged the BJP with divisive politics in the country and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be tolerant. He had also accused the BJP of “mastering communal divide”.

The BJP leader said from the “Quit Kashmir” movement to the demand for “greater autonomy”, every move of the NC had been communal and divisive.

“The carving of Muslim majority districts of Doda and Kargil, division of Jammu region into Chenab Valley and Pir Panjal region on communal lines, changing names of towns, villages and historical monuments, demographic invasion of Jammu, expulsion of Kashmiri Pandits, Roshni Act, neglect of Sufism, resettlement act and permanent residents bill were some examples of the divisive mindset of the NC and Abdullahs,” Mr Gupta claimed.  

If protection of the majority’s interests is divisive according to Mr Farooq, then what would he term the NC-Congress votebank politics which is based on playing Hindus and Muslims against each other, the BJP leader asked.

He said the BJP’s policy is justice for all and appeasement for none. “It doesn’t discriminate on the basis of religion, region or caste. The Narendra Modi government at the Centre is committed to equitable development of all.”

He claimed Mr Abdullah had launched a tirade against the BJP because the Modi government had ignored the family to an extent that they were engulfed with frustration and desperation.

“The ever declining voteshare coupled with Kashmiri youth’s abhorrence for his party and the rising graph of the BJP has shaken Abdullah so much that his statements often are irrational and illogical,” he claimed.

“Another example of NC’s divisive politics is the demand for greater autonomy which has divided the state communally and regionally as well. The demand was opposed tooth and nail by the BJP, Congress and NPP. The people of Jammu and Ladakh are opposed to any sort of autonomy and favour total integration of state with the Indian Union,” Mr Gupta claimed.

He also attacked Mr Abdullah for terming the BJP leaders as robbers, and said the NC leader is one of the main accused in Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association scam.

“The demand for revealing the source of huge wealth amassed by him and his son is also growing louder and the Abdullahs need to disclose from where these have been robbed? The people are intelligent enough to know as to who is daaku (robber) number one,” he said.

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