Delhi Auto Driver Dies Trying To Save Woman, Baby From Drowning

New Delhi: 

A 30-year-old auto driver died while trying to save a woman and her child from drowning in a canal in Delhi, police said.

While heading home last Saturday, the driver saw a woman with a baby in her arms, standing on the edge of a bridge on the Meethapur canal. In a moment, he saw her jump off. Without a second thought, he jumped into the water to save the woman and the baby. He also shouted and asked for help.

Three people saw them and formed a human chain to help them. They saved the woman and child but could not rescue the auto driver. He was swept away by strong currents. Police are still looking for the driver’s body.

The rescued woman and her son were taken to a hospital and their condition is now said to be stable. During interrogation, police found that the woman tried to commit suicide along with her baby after a fight with her husband.

Police said they would recommend the auto driver’s name for the ‘Jiwan Raksha’ bravery award.

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