Delhi Teen Flees With Father’s Car, Rs 13.5 Lakh, Parents File Complaint

New Delhi: 

The parents of an 18-year-old teen have lodged a complaint against him alleging that he fled with his father’s car after withdrawing Rs 13 lakh from his mother’s account and stealing another Rs 50,000 from her almirah, police said on Tuesday.

The accused is a class 12 student and fled on December 19, they said.

In the complaint, the teen’s parents said they feared that their “cunning” and “good for nothing” son might use the car and the money for illegal activities, the police said.

His parents also expressed apprehension that he may have gotten into selling drugs, they said.

The teen’s parents confronted his girlfriend as they thought she and one of his friends instigated him. However, the girl claimed that she was not aware of his whereabouts, they added.

After this, the teen called his parents and asked them to not look for him. He said he was not coming back to them, the police said.

The teen’s parents alleged that he had withdrawn Rs 50,000 from his mother’s account earlier as well and would often ask them for money on the pretext of helping his friend, they said.

According to a senior police officer, the teenager’s phone was last active near Jaipur. It has been switched off ever since.

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