Pune Non-Profit Asks For Old Clothes To Make Sanitary Pads For Women


To provide hygienic life to tribal women who cannot afford high-priced sanitary napkins, a Pune-based non-profit makes sanitary pads from old clothes and distributes them to women living in nearby tribal villages.

Sachin, the founder of the non-profit ‘Samajbandh’ urges people to donate their old clothes through social media. He also goes to people’s houses and collects clothes himself.

He started this initiative after his mother had to undergo an operation to remove her uterus for not taking care during menstrual period.

Speaking to ANI, Sachin said, “I started this work two years ago and we have reached to more than 2,000 women. The pads available in the market are expensive for them and they cannot afford it. I appeal to people to give their old clothes to me and sometimes I also go to their place to collect clothes.”

Sachin and his team distribute the sanitary pads to tribal women and also teach them how to make it at home by themselves.

“As women feel shy to take pads from us, we have women volunteers who give them sanitary napkins and make them aware about the menstrual health,” he said.


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