Supreme Court Doesn’t Hold 10 Per Cent Quota But Will Examine Validity

New Delhi: 

The validity of the government’s 10 per cent quota for the economically weak in jobs and education will be examined by the Supreme Court, which today sent notice to the centre but did not put the scheme on hold.

The centre has to get back to the Supreme Court within four weeks on the move that was introduced, passed in parliament and enacted in a matter of days.

The judges will hear a batch of petitions challenging the decision, which takes the total quotas beyond the 50 per cent cap set by the Supreme Court.

The petitions say the top court’s Mandal Commission verdict in 1992 had “specifically stated that the economic criteria cannot be the sole basis for reservation under the Constitution.”

They also argue that in 2006, the court said quota cannot exceed 50 per cent, so the new 10 per cent quota is “unconstitutional and should be struck down”.

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